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Century Construction offers a wide variety of New Construction and Restoration services. Whether it's getting the water out of your flooded basement or designing and building your brand new house, we treat all situations like they are our own home (minus the lounging around in our underwear).

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New Construction

You might gather from our portfolio photos that no job is too big or small. We have built new houses, added on to or remodeled existing houses, and built restaurants, apartments, and assisted living facilities.

We excel in effective communication throughout the entire construction process. We have the ability to ask the right questions during the planning phases and suggest ideas and alternatives that may benefit the cost, aesthetics, or energy saving effects of the building.

We hope to leave our mark on the building industry by encouraging the progression of energy and resource efficient building while steering away from some of the awful "fast food" type of architecture and building.


Most people do not understand the chaos and emotional impact of being displaced from their home. We understand this better than most, and we work at an aggressive pace to get you back into your home.

We can provide restoration services for any size project and will work hard to get you back in your home in a timely fashion. Sewage back up? Car crash into your dining room? Cat fight? We've seen it all.

Our most popular restoration services include:

Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be truly devastating, no matter what the size. The Century Construction team help take away your worries with our fire damage services. Immediately, it is our job to assess the damage, pack up and protect your assets, and fix what is ruined. From demolition and restoration, to smoke damage removal and extraction of water damage, we will have you looking good as new in no time. Your neighbors might even ask "What fire?"

Water Damage Restoration

Whether it's an overflow, a flood, leakage or sewage, we have your water damage needs covered. Our team will document and assess the water type and damage as soon as possible. Using the latest advancements in drying equipment technology, we can have you dry in no time.

Wind or Storm Damage Restoration

Storms can cause a whole lot of damage, from rain and hail, to heavy winds and fallen trees. When good ole' mother nature comes full force, Century Construction will be there to pick up the pieces. We offer everything from board ups to protect from further damage, to temporary power services, while we work to reconstruct the damage.

Mold Damage Restoration & Removal

Mold giving you the heebie-jeebies? Lucky for you, our team is fully equipped to take on this nasty and toxic stuff head on. It's important that mold is properly contained so that it does not contaminate unaffected areas or put the health of dwellers at risk. We will do a thorough inspection and containment, before moving into removal, mitigation, and intense cleaning of the effected areas.

Odor Removal

Gag reflex? Not these guys. In fact, we are equipped with iron noses for this very reasons. Our team will seek out the source of the contamination, deodorize the smelly area using a thermal fogging technique or an ozone machine.

Content Packout

When disaster strikes inside your home, your personal belongings need to be handled with love and care. We will inventory anything damaged in your home that can be cleaned or restored, carefully pack them up, and move them to our facility for cleaning and storage while your home is being put back in order.